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Guardsignal sends an alert when guards need help and can’t activate their usual communications.


Guards Swipe a watch to show everything is okay and that means, when they DON’T swipe, they need help and Head Quarters is immediately notified.


This reverses the usual alert process, so the watch calls for help when Guards can’t respond–rather than relying on them to press a button when they’re incapable.

If a guard misses an alert, Head Quarters gets all the info immediately.

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  • We can identify their GPS location
  • And we know their heartbeat, and can tell if they are adrenalized for example in an attack.
  • Guards can heighten security; turning on a neat realtime data stream.  A message goes out to their team and if they can’t respond, their command center and nearby team members are alerted.  This improves team morale and cohesion
  • Guards can also send a SOS at any time.
  • And the watch also acts as a backup phone, to make calls.
  • We can geofence and know when guards stray outside their work area
  • Phones can’t tell you when your guards lost signal.  Guard Signal can.
  • We provide data and evidence for client and insurance concerns
  • Makes your security team better and safer, ASAP.

Rugged and stylish design so security officers will want to wear it.

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The GuardSignal watch has a 1.3″ color AMOLED touchscreen with Gorilla Glass 3 and weighs a very light 58 grams. The styling owes a lot to G-Shock and adds to the rugged appeal



Heart Rate Alerts


GPS Tracking


SOS Alerts


Alert Messaging


Control Dashboard

GPS Tracking

Control Room / Command Center

Important aspects

Emergency Call

Status Confirmation

Map Tracking

Working As Security Guard

Working as a security guard is dangerous, which is why security companies focus on hiring top people and giving them optimal training and equipment.   A properly trained security guard is at less risk of being injured in a chaotic situation. Also, properly trained armed guards add increased levels of client security. A guard who is not properly trained will only cause frustration on the scene and also end up in trouble.
Dangers for security guards always lurk around the corner. Even though security companies focus on military-grade training for their security guards, at times along with proper certifications, it’s still critical to mitigate dangers when the unexpected occurs. If security guards do not have proper equipment when patrolling areas on duty, they might encounter significant difficulty with the robbers or criminals who carry high end arms while attempting a criminal activity.The bottom line: Guard Signal makes your security team better and safer, ASAP.

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