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“GuardSignal: Protecting Those Who Protect You”

Guard Signal specializes in providing advanced security solutions for individuals, particularly security guards. GuardSignal offers a unique system where guards wear a watch that allows them to signal their well-being by swiping it. If they fail to do so, the company’s headquarters (HQ) is immediately notified, and assistance can be dispatched.

“When Seconds Matter, Trust GuardSignal”

GuardSignal’s mission is to enhance the safety and effectiveness of security teams by providing advanced monitoring and communication capabilities, ultimately ensuring the protection of individuals in various security-related roles.

“GuardSignal: Your Safety, Our Priority”

GuardSignal’s primary mission is to ensure the safety and security of individuals. It conveys the company’s commitment to prioritizing the well-being of its users.

Swift Response, Peace of Mind

GuardSignal offers in emergency situations. It assures users that, with GuardSignal, they can expect a rapid reaction to potential threats, resulting in a sense of calm and reassurance.

When Seconds Matter, Trust GuardSignal

GuardSignal is a reliable solution that can be trusted when immediate action is required, implying that every second counts when it comes to safety and security.

We can identify their GPS location

Guard Signal has the capability to track the precise location of security guards using GPS technology. This feature is crucial for monitoring their whereabouts and ensuring their safety in potentially dangerous situations.

We know their heartbeat and can tell if they are adrenalized e.g. in a fight

Guard Signal can monitor the guard’s heartbeat and detect heightened levels of adrenaline, which may occur during intense or potentially dangerous situations such as fights. This information is valuable for assessing the guard’s condition and level of stress.

Guard alert a threat to the command center

Security guards using Guard Signal have the ability to quickly notify the command center in the event of a perceived threat. This proactive communication ensures that the security team can respond promptly and effectively to potential security breaches or emergencies.

They can also send an SOS at any time

Guards can send an SOS (emergency distress signal) at any moment using the Guard Signal watch. This feature allows guards to request immediate assistance in critical situations, further enhancing their safety and security.

Guard Signal makes your security team better and safer, ASAP

Guard Signal enhances the overall effectiveness, efficiency, and capabilities of a security team. It suggests that the system improves the performance of security personnel in various aspects, such as communication, response time, and situational awareness.

Watch also acts as a backup phone, to make calls

Guard Signal watch serves as a backup phone, allowing guards to make phone calls when needed. This feature provides guards with an additional means of communication in case their primary communication devices fail or are unavailable.

“GuardSignal: Where Security Meets Innovation”

“At GuardSignal, our technology goes beyond just alerting the command center in times of danger. With our innovative system, we can precisely identify the GPS location of our security guards, ensuring a rapid response when it matters most.