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We Know When Your
Guards Are In Trouble
Before They Do

  • TeamLink: If your guard can’t respond, 
    Command & team members are alerted
  • Gps Location
  • Send a SOS at any time.
  • Realtime heartbeat and health data
  • The watch is a backup phone
  • GeoFence
  • Evidence for Client & Insurance
  • Make your security team better and safer, ASAP.

Officer Down

GuardSignal Calls For Help When They Can’t

Even Guardians Need A
Guardian Angel

GuardSignal provides support and protection for security personnel, ensuring their safety and well-being during challenging situations.

“Leading the Way in Security Support: GuardSignal”

GuardSignal is at the forefront of providing support and solutions in security. It positions GuardSignal as a leader in the industry, indicating its commitment to enhancing security services.

Stay in Control

GuardSignal empowers users with tools and services to effectively manage and oversee security personnel and situations.

Emergency Call

  • Response when Guards Cannot
  • Alerts HQ
  • SOS Anytime

GuardSignal Lets You Know
Where They Are, How They Are,
And If They Need Help

GuardSignal provides real-time information about the location and well-being of security personnel, ensuring that help can be provided when needed.

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