We Know When Your
Guards Are In Trouble
Before They Do

Is Watching

TeamLink: If your guard can’t respond, 
command & team members are alerted

Watch is a backup phone

GPS location


Send a SOS at any time.

Evidence for client & insurance

Realtime heartbeat and health data

Make your security team better and
safer, ASAP.

Officer Down

GuardSignal Calls For Help When They Can’t


Even Guardians Need A
Guardian Angel

GPS Tracking

Stay in Control
Control Room / Command Center

GuardSignal Lets You Know
Where They Are, How They Are,
And If They Need Help

Important aspects


Enhance health, activity and well-being. Healthier guard, happier HR & HQ

Improves team morale and cohesion


Phones can’t tell you when your guard’s lost signal.  GuardSignal can.


Data  and evidence for client and insurance concerns

Emergency Call
* Response when Guards Cannot
* Alerts HQ
* SOS Anytime

The key with GuardSignal is that they don’t have to send as alert because it responds when they can’t.  It also has heart monitoring and the command center knows exactly where they are at any given moment.  It’s a real safety net for the guard and the command center; with everyone knowing what’s going on. Guards Swipe a watch to show everything is okay and that means, when they DON’T swipe, they need help and Head Quarters is immediately notified.

This reverses the usual alert process, so the watch calls for help when Guards can’t respond–rather than relying on them to press a button when they’re incapable. If a guard misses an alert, Head Quarters gets all the info immediately.